hi, this is a blog dedicated to the amazing show CSI: MIAMI. you're missing it? then you came to the right place, hope you enjoy.

Anonymous whispered, "can you make gifs with Kyle? love your blog xo"

I would but I’m not able anymore to watch the videos because of my location, so I can’t. I’m still really mad at this, and I basically can’t do any because I haven’t got any more material. :(

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trash-and-cash whispered, "OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG ♥♥ PLEASE NEVER STOP POSTING!"

y’all are gonna make me cry omg,

thank you so much.


csi-miami-twins whispered, "Your blog is one of my favorites blogs:)"

aww thank you so much.

I love youu.


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I found out that cbs did their csi: miami videos not avaiable in my country.

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Anonymous whispered, "I love this gif. Can you make more gif's with him if you will be have time? Regrads!"

with who? (:

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